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Parents, pregnant mother, technology

Check out the top parenting gadgets
31 Mar 2015

Children watching TV

Technology has changed the way children view media
30 Mar 2015

Girl with pile of books

Pilot reading scheme improves children’s development
27 Mar 2015

Strict parent

Sometimes you have to say “no”
26 Mar 2015

Girl and boy use laptops on abstract circles background

Gender plays a role in parents’ technology choices
25 Mar 2015

Tablet creative

Getting creative with your tablet
24 Mar 2015

Child learning

Getting children ready for starting school
23 Mar 2015

Reading - mother and daughter

Help your child to de-stress by reading
20 Mar 2015


Research shows link between IQ and breastfeeding
19 Mar 2015

Parents with child, tablet, credit card

Make sure your gadgets are child-proof
18 Mar 2015


Are you a social media parent?
17 Mar 2015

Child sitting on books

New book offers parenting tips for the 21st century
16 Mar 2015

Child looking at binary code

Embracing a child’s fascination with the digital world
13 Mar 2015

Family watching TV

Does your family know the secret of domestic happiness?
12 Mar 2015

Learning blocks

EYFS parents’ guide highlights developmental milestones
11 Mar 2015


Government funding could boost reading levels
10 Mar 2015


New gadget to stop night terrors
09 Mar 2015

Mothher's Day

Make it the perfect Mother’s Day
06 Mar 2015


Interactive ball helps children use programming skills
05 Mar 2015

Family playing with kite

Don’t get too stressed by parenthood
04 Mar 2015

Box of chocolates

Moral respect amongst children can encourage sharing
03 Mar 2015


Introducing your child to the garden
02 Mar 2015

Baby's feet

First 1,001 days crucial for a child’s development
27 Feb 2015

beries in musli

Instilling healthy eating habits into children
26 Feb 2015

Child playing

New report shows rising cost of childcare
25 Feb 2015


Sleep issues could be linked to napping habits
24 Feb 2015

Child tantrum

Understanding toddler tantrums
23 Feb 2015

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

New evidence points to the benefits of educational apps
20 Feb 2015

Child on laptop

Addressing the digital skills gap crucial for UK economy
19 Feb 2015


Tomorrow’s toys become smarter
18 Feb 2015


Infants can understand what happens around them
17 Feb 2015


Embrace rather than hide from technology
16 Feb 2015


Go online for some half-term help
13 Feb 2015


A child’s first steps towards writing
12 Feb 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015

Online rules for young children
11 Feb 2015

Child playing football

Teaching a child social skills
10 Feb 2015

Dale Street, Liverpool

Simple steps to road safety
09 Feb 2015

Child playing with phone

The differences between girls and boys during play
06 Feb 2015

Baby sleeping

Are we getting enough sleep?
05 Feb 2015


Is learning sign language worthwhile for most children?
04 Feb 2015

Child with book

Children combine digital technology with traditional activities
03 Feb 2015


Fostering your child’s leadership skills
02 Feb 2015

Child reading

How to create motivated learners
30 Jan 2015

headphones on a music book

Music to a child’s ear
29 Jan 2015

YouTube on a tablet device

New report highlights child tablet usage
28 Jan 2015

Educational videos

Videos can be an effective learning tool
27 Jan 2015

Educational technology

Educational developments at BETT
26 Jan 2015

Abstract Colored Cubes

Industry to provide technological support for schools
23 Jan 2015

Babies painting

Income levels don’t impact on parental involvement
22 Jan 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 08.47.10

Getting your children ready for phonics
21 Jan 2015

Computer skills

Help with the coding revolution
20 Jan 2015

Baby sleeping

Know what to do if your child chokes
19 Jan 2015

Bavt chewing finger

Supporting your children’s autonomy is beneficial
16 Jan 2015

Child reading

Being bilingual can open up a child’s beliefs
15 Jan 2015

Family riding bikes

Fun children’s activities on a budget
14 Jan 2015

Children's bedroom

Encouraging healthy sleeping patterns improves educational performance
13 Jan 2015


Reading for fun important as children get older
12 Jan 2015

Classroom computers

Personalised approach to learning could benefit children
09 Jan 2015

modern technology media

The latest trends in children’s apps
08 Jan 2015

Baby sleeping

Top child development research in 2014
07 Jan 2015

Four children sitting on bunk bed

Speech development in toddlers
06 Jan 2015


Developing a child’s love of numbers
05 Jan 2015


Supporting your child through the online world
02 Jan 2015


Technology can aid a young child’s development
31 Dec 2014


Choosing the right apps for children
30 Dec 2014

Paint pallet with brush

Being creative doesn’t have to be a chore
29 Dec 2014

Child using tablet

More children using tablets to watch TV
24 Dec 2014

Christmas tree baubles

Top tips for stress-free family time
23 Dec 2014


New research shows the benefits of early learning
22 Dec 2014

Writing pad and pencil

Making writing fun for boys
19 Dec 2014

Children playing on rocks

A question for everything
18 Dec 2014


Imaginative ways to keep children occupied over Christmas
17 Dec 2014


Getting the right benefits from a tablet
16 Dec 2014

Childs hand over lego bricks

Encouraging a child’s imagination
15 Dec 2014

The boy with books smiles

Rise in achievement levels for poorer students
12 Dec 2014


Talking more effective than punishment
11 Dec 2014

Children in car

Entertaining children on long car journeys
10 Dec 2014

Family on phones

Do parents need communication lessons from nurseries?
09 Dec 2014

Games for children

Helping your child form problem-solving skills
08 Dec 2014

Children's Books

Touchscreen equipment could bridge the literacy divide
05 Dec 2014


Keeping young children safe on the internet
04 Dec 2014

Ball pen

The benefits of free childcare for two-year-olds
03 Dec 2014

Reading a book

Develop your child’s love of reading
02 Dec 2014

Scrabble letters

Developing your child’s speech and language skills
01 Dec 2014

Tablet computers

Choosing a tablet for your child
28 Nov 2014


28 per cent of young children miss maths targets
27 Nov 2014

Child with iPad

Develop your child’s love for foreign languages
26 Nov 2014

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