Income levels don’t impact on parental involvement

New research has discarded the notion that parents earning lower incomes or those who come from less educated backgrounds will not be as supportive ...

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Getting your children ready for phonics

When most children first start to read, they learn using the phonics system. You can help your kids before they start school and support their ...

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Help with the coding revolution

One of the biggest changes to the National Curriculum is the recent addition of coding. A new survey shows that many parents don’t understand coding ...

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Know what to do if your child chokes

One of many parents’ greatest fears is finding their young child choking, especially as they start to progress onto solid foods and begin exploring ...

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Supporting your children’s autonomy is beneficial

New scientific research has found an increase in cognitive skills amongst those children whose mothers provide more support and help develop their ...

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Being bilingual can open up a child’s beliefs

The majority of children believe that we are born with certain characteristics and preferences rather than learning them as we get older. However, ...

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