How to create motivated learners

Many children are enthusiastic about learning, but others need a bit more motivation and help to attract their attention. If you have a slightly ...

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Music to a child’s ear

Taking part in creating music and listening to different pieces can benefit a young child’s development. It’s important to enable them to experiment ...

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New report highlights child tablet usage

The latest Childwise Monitor has provided us with a snapshot of the type of media consumed by young people. This yearly analysis of the ...

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Videos can be an effective learning tool

Newly published research has shown that using videos to teach those under two can be an effective method. This is one of the first pieces of ...

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Educational developments at BETT

There were a number of new technologies showcased at the recent BETT learning technology conference. Here are some of the most innovative ideas that ...

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Industry to provide technological support for schools

A set of projects announced by the government will see big name companies, including O2 and Google, provide support for technology skills to English ...

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