Simple steps to road safety

Teaching young children the basics of road safety is one of most important skills you can impart. Regardless of how much you walk or where you live, ...

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The differences between girls and boys during play

You might believe that we push gender choices on our children, but there could actually be genetic differences in how girls and boys play. A number ...

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Are we getting enough sleep?

An analysis of research by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) shows us exactly how much sleep we should be getting. We all know that not getting ...

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Is learning sign language worthwhile for most children?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of classes and groups that teach sign language to young children. This can bring with it ...

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Children combine digital technology with traditional activities

New research shows that children are more likely to choose traditional pursuits such as reading books over digital and mobile-based activities. The ...

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Fostering your child’s leadership skills

There is no reason why any child cannot grow up to become a leader. It doesn’t matter what a child’s temperament or character is like; any child can ...

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