Infants can understand what happens around them

Recent research released by researchers at the University of Missouri found that babies can to understand different social events that take place ...

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Embrace rather than hide from technology

There are those who believe that the use of technology by young children should be restricted. Instead, we should all learn to live with technology ...

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Go online for some half-term help

With the next school holiday almost upon us, parents up and down the country will be looking for fun and cheap ways to entertain their children. If ...

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A child’s first steps towards writing

You might not think that the little marks your pre-school child makes are anything exciting. However, these are actually the first steps towards ...

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Online rules for young children

The 2015 Safer Internet Day was held this week; the programme is aimed to educate parents and their children about staying safe online. It is ...

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Teaching a child social skills

As babies develop into toddlers, they are constantly learning about the world around them. When they become older, they will start to interact more ...

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