New report shows rising cost of childcare

According to the latest industry survey, childcare costs are putting an increasing strain on family budgets. The new research shows that fees for ...

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Sleep issues could be linked to napping habits

If you have a child over the age of two who has difficulties falling asleep at night, the problem could be having a daytime nap. New analysis of ...

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Understanding toddler tantrums

When there’s a toddler in the house, it might seem like they’re always having a tantrum about something, which can make life incredibly difficult. A ...

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New evidence points to the benefits of educational apps

Technology has become a large part of children’s lives, and this often revolves around the apps they use on smartphones and tablets. If you’ve ...

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Addressing the digital skills gap crucial for UK economy

A new report released by the House of Lords Digital Skills Committee has highlighted that all children should have digital literacy skills. These ...

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Tomorrow’s toys become smarter

Traditional toys are being given 21st century makeovers in order to compete with digital technology. By providing them with internet ...

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