Embracing a child’s fascination with the digital world

Technology and the digital world have become major parts of our lives. Schools are incorporating coding into the curriculum, and the jobs of the ...

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Does your family know the secret of domestic happiness?

A new survey has highlighted some of the key areas that can help a family be happy and functional in the 21st century. This includes some ...

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EYFS parents’ guide highlights developmental milestones

The Government has launched an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guide that can help parents check their child’s progress. The document was ...

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Government funding could boost reading levels

Having a good reading level and enjoying books is one way that children can reach their full potential and is something that all schools should be ...

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New gadget to stop night terrors

If your child is unfortunate enough to have night terrors, it can affect the sleeping patterns of the whole family even if it only happens ...

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Make it the perfect Mother’s Day

If you want to prepare for Mother’s Day, there are some cheap and easy ways to make it the perfect day for your partner or your own mum. It’s a ...

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