Getting children ready for starting school

As the final term of the school year approaches, many parents of children starting full-time school in September will be starting to think about the ...

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Help your child to de-stress by reading

As parents, you’ve probably always encouraged your children to read, especially at bedtime. However, there is also plenty of research that points to ...

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Research shows link between IQ and breastfeeding

The results of a study conducted in Brazil show that there could be a link between breastfed babies and an improved learning ability as they get ...

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Make sure your gadgets are child-proof

All children love to play with gadgets, whether it’s your latest Android tablet, iPhone, or laptop. It is important to let your child experience the ...

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Are you a social media parent?

Parenting tips and advice are pretty easy to access these days, whether they’re coming from friends or the so-called experts. Social media, through ...

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New book offers parenting tips for the 21st century

Raising children in an increasingly digital and technological world can be complex. There is a wide range of factors to negotiate that weren’t ...

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