Helping your child form problem-solving skills

Developing children’s mathematical skills can bring them numerous benefits. You might be surprised to learn that this involves more than just simply ...

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Touchscreen equipment could bridge the literacy divide

It is often assumed that technology is a cause for concern when it comes to a child’s learning. However, a new report for Pearson and the National ...

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Keeping young children safe on the internet

As technology continues to evolve, the internet is becoming an increasing part of our lives. We use it as a learning resource, for business reasons, ...

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The benefits of free childcare for two-year-olds

There are enormous benefits for children who are able to access the right childcare facilities in their early years. This isn’t just a case of ...

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Develop your child’s love of reading

It is important for children to develop a fascination with reading early on in their lives. This not only helps them to enhance their language skills, but it also feeds their creativity.

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Developing your child’s speech and language skills

All children develop at different speeds, but by the age of two, there are certain words that experts believe children should know.

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