Getting the right benefits from a tablet

If your child has recently received a new tablet or you just want to make better use of one you’ve had for a while, there are many ways to take ...

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Encouraging a child’s imagination

Imagination is a big part of a child’s development. All children learn at different speeds, but you can help encourage your children by interacting ...

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Rise in achievement levels for poorer students

New data used to compile this year’s primary school league tables shows that the gap has narrowed between disadvantaged students and those from a ...

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Talking more effective than punishment

Talking to your children is a better way to get them to tell the truth than threatening them with punishment. New scientific research conducted on a ...

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Entertaining children on long car journeys

If you’ve got a long journey coming up over the festive period, it can be hard to keep young children entertained. However, a bit of careful ...

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Do parents need communication lessons from nurseries?

A recent report from the Fair Education Alliance suggests that nurseries should provide lessons to parents on how to talk correctly to their ...

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