Speech development in toddlers

Waiting for your child to start speaking can seem like an endless journey. Often a child’s first words will come early on, but it can still be some ...

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Developing a child’s love of numbers

Maths skills are a crucial part of a child’s development. By encouraging your children to enhance their knowledge at an early age, you can help them ...

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Supporting your child through the online world

There are many ways in which modern technology can support a child’s learning. We now have a wealth of services available online and via games and ...

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Technology can aid a young child’s development

A group of educational specialists and scientists across China and the US have highlighted the benefits of using new technology even with the ...

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Choosing the right apps for children

Many children excitedly open a new tablet on Christmas Day and then request a series of apps and games that they want to install. There are many ...

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Being creative doesn’t have to be a chore

Young children love to get messy and put their creative energies into art and craft activities. However, this can seem like a recipe for a lot of ...

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