Fun children’s activities on a budget

At the start of the year, many of us are still feeling the financial headache of Christmas. This means there might not be much spare income for ...

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Encouraging healthy sleeping patterns improves educational performance

Most parents try to instil the virtues of getting a good night’s sleep into their children. This isn’t always welcomed by kids, but the latest ...

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Reading for fun important as children get older

A report released by Scholastic has highlighted the importance of reading to children, even when they are over the age of six. Many parents ...

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Personalised approach to learning could benefit children

Technology is providing a boost to children’s learning by enabling teachers to provide more personalised support. The use of new technology in the ...

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The latest trends in children’s apps

The apps that people use are constantly evolving, and this is especially true of apps aimed at the younger generation. Apps can provide a way of ...

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Top child development research in 2014

Science can help us understand our children’s development process and see where we can assist their learning. Last year saw a vast number of ...

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