Gender plays a role in parents’ technology choices

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Gender plays a role in parents’ technology choices

Research conducted by PlayScience, a children’s research company, has highlighted that the gender of children can have an influence on the digital choices their parents make for them.

Their “Parents and Platform Perceptions” report took the results from a survey of 501 parents who had children aged from two to nine. As part of the research, they were questioned about the technology preferences and habits of their children. This included which devices they had, what their children used, and their overall attitudes to technology.

Most of the parents who participated preferred that their children play on their own Android or Apple tablets. This was also the view of the majority of the children, and around half of the parents said that tablets are the devices that their children liked to use the most.

Differences among the genders

The type of entertainment that parents choose for their children to use on these devices, such as watching videos, playing educational games, or browsing the internet, is often dictated by gender.

The report found that 30 per cent of the parents of girls would pick a child-friendly option for them, but this was the case for just 17 per cent of those with boys. It also highlighted that 27 per cent of parents of boys based their decision on their child’s preferences, whilst just 21 per cent of parents of girls did the same.

The PlayScience research shows that however subconsciously it might be, parents tend to view the needs of boys and girls differently, and this has an impact on the choices we make for them.


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