Getting children ready for starting school

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Getting children ready for starting school

As the final term of the school year approaches, many parents of children starting full-time school in September will be starting to think about the transition. It is never too early to start preparing your child for what will happen when school starts.

Get used to the surroundings

Once you know what school your children will be attending, make sure that you find out when any open mornings or evenings are taking place. This will provide you with essential information about topics such as the school routine, uniform, and dinners. It can also serve as an opportunity for you and your child to look around the school and meet the teachers. If your child did not attend the school nursery, the staff might want to do a home visit to meet your child in his or her own surroundings.

Practice the routine

One of the hardest parts of starting school can be the daily routine. You can help your child to understand what will happen in the morning by practising getting ready. It might be a good idea to actually make the journey to school so that you can see how long it takes. Try some role-play preschool games with their toys to familiarise them with a classroom set-up.

Teach them the right skills

Before they start school, practise some of the basic skills to develop their independence, such as dressing themselves and going to the toilet alone. If you want to give them a head start on learning, beginning with recognising and writing their name would be beneficial.

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