Help your child to de-stress by reading

Reading - mother and daughter

Help your child to de-stress by reading


As parents, you’ve probably always encouraged your children to read, especially at bedtime. However, there is also plenty of research that points to the health benefits of picking up a good book. The latest findings are yet another good reason to ask your kids to settle down with a book before bedtime.


A way to relax

You don’t have to spend hours reading to see the benefits. A University of Sussex study found that only six minutes of reading a day could decrease stress levels by as much as 68 per cent. This is because the act of reading helps to lower your heart rate and relax the muscles, and it is far more effective than other approaches, such as drinking tea or listening to music.


Brain development

Research has also looked at the influence reading books can have on the brain. It shows that reading can improve our mental agility, learning capabilities, and memory. Moreover, it has positive effects on our feelings of compassion and imagination. A study published in the Brain Connectivity journal highlighted that fictional stories help the reader to look at events from another person’s point of view, improving our emotional intelligence.


There are now so many opportunities for us to read that there really is no excuse for not doing so. As well as traditional books, many of us now have easy access to e-readers or Android tablets, where we can choose from a vast library of titles that are available at the touch of a screen.

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