New book offers parenting tips for the 21st century

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New book offers parenting tips for the 21st century

Raising children in an increasingly digital and technological world can be complex. There is a wide range of factors to negotiate that weren’t around when we were children. The internet, Android tablets, smartphones, and iPads are all challenges for today’s parents. A newly released book aims to support parents with these everyday issues.


The essential parenting questions

Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It to Survive and Thrive in Today’s World is written by Colman Noctor, a father and child psychotherapist. He discovered that many modern parents have different questions than those of past generations, and he wanted to provide them with succinct but in-depth answers. Instead of deciding when to let a child go to the local shops themselves, parents now have to consider when is the right time to let them have their own Facebook account.


Supporting children

The book shows parents a view of how children see the world; when their expectations are high, they can instantly get what they desire and are constantly entertained. It explains ways of encouraging children to make rational decisions and handle the challenges of the modern world. The tips in the book can help parents support their children’s learning, and it give them the tools to communicate their emotions, which will reduce the need for inappropriate behaviour.


All of these elements will enable parents to show their children the benefits of good values, family, and relationships, and how these elements can sit comfortably alongside the modern technology that is becoming increasingly central to their lives.

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