Embracing a child’s fascination with the digital world

Child looking at binary code

Embracing a child’s fascination with the digital world

Technology and the digital world have become major parts of our lives. Schools are incorporating coding into the curriculum, and the jobs of the future will have more of an emphasis on digital technology. This means that we all need to embrace the love of technology that children have and show them how it can be put to practical use.

Using their digital skills

Children are taking these changes on board and learning new digital skills all the time. A report conducted by Nesta, an innovation charity, highlighted that digital skills will be paramount in the future. More than 80 per cent of the children who were interviewed as part of the report had created something through the use of technology. The majority of these (76 per cent) made pictures, while 53 per cent of respondents said they created music, websites, or computer games through digital technology.

Helping the coders of the future

As part of a scheme to get more of us involved in digital technology, the BBC has named 2015 the Year of Code. One of their initiatives is to provide mini computers for one million 11-year-olds in the UK. The Micro Bits will be along the same lines as the Raspberry Pi and will be provided to all those who are starting secondary education in September.

If the UK is going to compete on a global scale in the future, we need to ensure that all children receive a quality digital education.

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