Does your family know the secret of domestic happiness?

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Does your family know the secret of domestic happiness?

A new survey has highlighted some of the key areas that can help a family be happy and functional in the 21st century. This includes some traditional aspects of family life along with a few modern additions.

The research was carried out for Origin, who looked into the lives and attitudes of 2,000 families across the country.

Remaining traditional

Some of the activities highlighted by the survey are things that families have been enjoying together for generations. The survey showed that eating together at least four times a week was essential for creating a feeling of domestic bliss. The average family spent 12 hours together during the week talking part in a range of activities, which also helped them to get along better. This included taking regular trips together, cooking as a family, watching a film, or playing educational games as a group. Giving everyone a role to play in keeping the house tidy was seen as another way of making sure the home runs smoothly.

Incorporating modern technology

However, there were others areas that show how modern families differ from past generations. For example, having a quick Wi-Fi connection is now deemed essential for family happiness. Other aspects of technology that families consider important for getting along include having satellite TV and a Netflix subscription. To avoid family arguments, the research also pointed out that there should be an Android or Apple tablet for everyone.

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