EYFS parents’ guide highlights developmental milestones

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EYFS parents’ guide highlights developmental milestones

The Government has launched an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guide that can help parents check their child’s progress. The document was designed to provide a valuable resource as children reach key developmental milestones before they start full-time education.

What to expect

The guide, “What to expect, when?”, focuses on the major developmental and learning stages between birth and the time a child turns five. This is a simple and clear guide that splits the ages into six bands. It focuses on the seven learning areas that are set out in the EYFS.

It has been created to make the EYFS framework more accessible for parents. The framework showcases the stages children should reach at certain points in the early learning years. However, parents have found it difficult to navigate and understand in the past.

Supporting parents

The new guide shows what children should be achieving at each stage of the early learning programme. It also focuses on the fact that all children will develop at a different pace. The guide contains hints and tips for parents regarding their children’s development. It was developed in collaboration with parents and shows them examples of what to do in different situations from the point of view of a child.

The guide is designed to become a key tool for parents. It will provide them with easy access to expert advice and guidance, which can support them and provide valuable reassurance.

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