Government funding could boost reading levels


Government funding could boost reading levels

Having a good reading level and enjoying books is one way that children can reach their full potential and is something that all schools should be pushing their pupils to achieve. However, in some areas of the country, this isn’t always the case. The Government now wants to further support reading by establishing book clubs in schools and increasing library membership.

Nick Gibb, the Schools Reform Minister, announced plans to provide £100,000 of funding to support schools whose reading levels at key stage 2 are particularly low. The money can help a maximum of 200 schools. It can help them to improve a child’s learning by having their own book clubs and introduce the benefits of the local library by providing membership for year 3 students.

A love of reading

Through this scheme, the Government aim to open up the world of books to children in the crucial early learning years. Doing so at this particular stage of their development can foster an enjoyment of books; introduce them to different authors; and allow them to talk about books with their teachers and peers.

Data published by the Government shows that from 2012 to 2014, six-year-olds who are at the expected level for phonics rose to 74 per cent from 58 per cent. The Government now want to take this further and establish reading as a lifelong habit to help more children attain the appropriate levels.

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