New gadget to stop night terrors


New gadget to stop night terrors

If your child is unfortunate enough to have night terrors, it can affect the sleeping patterns of the whole family even if it only happens occasionally. Children’s learning and development during the day can be affected if they are not getting enough quality sleep at night. There is now a new gadget on the market in the US that can stop these episodes occurring.

How does it work?

Lully is essentially a small pod that vibrates and connects to your iPhone through an app. The pod vibrates silently to gently wake your child when he is in a deep sleep so that he can’t suffer a night terror.

The app tracks the child’s nighttime patterns so that the parents can turn it on at the right time. This will only be required once each night and will always be prior to 11:00pm. Lully should be used for a matter of weeks, by which point the child will have naturally settled into his new routine. It can then be reintroduced if needed at a later date.

The science behind the device

The company behind Lully have scientific research to back up their product’s claims. A study involving the pod showed that it prevented 90 per cent of the participant’s night terrors. The device is also beneficial in other circumstances, such as for children who sleepwalk or wet the bed. Lully enables children to get a good night’s sleep whilst keeping them from entering the phase when night terrors can occur.

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