Interactive ball helps children use programming skills


Interactive ball helps children use programming skills

The increase in the use of technology by children can have an impact on the amount of time they spend being active outdoors. However, a new device that is set to go on sale later this year could change this. The Hackaball combines modern children’s love of technology and gadgets with their desire to play fun and educational games.

The Hackaball can be programmed by children by using an app. At first, the app will only be available for Apple devices, but there are plans to develop an Android version. It is equipped with sensors that can tell if it’s being moved, bounced, dropped, shaken, or kicked. Using the app, children can develop games to play with the ball, which can feature lights, rumble patterns, and sounds. They are able to access more features if they use the product frequently.

Enhancing programming knowledge

The ball has been created as a way for children to use and develop their programming skills whilst having fun outdoors. The target market for this product will be the parents of children aged six to ten. Programming is now a key part of the National Curriculum, and the Hackaball is designed to link in with the skills that children learn in school.

The company behind the Hackaball is currently in the process of raising funds through a crowdfunding site to put the product into full production. It is hoped that the programmable ball will be on sale later this year.

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