First 1,001 days crucial for a child’s development

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First 1,001 days crucial for a child’s development

A parliamentary group has released a report highlighting that more help is required to stop problems occurring before a child reaches the age of two. The first 1,001 days are a critical period for a child’s development and create many early learning opportunities.

The All Party Parliamentary group for Conception to Age Two says that by focussing on this initial period in a child’s life, we can help provide a good foundation for future development. Many of the issues that affect children socially and emotionally as they get older can be traced back to events that occurred during the first two years of life.

Supporting parents

One of the report’s recommendations is to provide children with the best possible start to their lives by supporting mothers and families throughout this time. This includes giving mothers help and advice when they’re pregnant and then continuing to be there for families as the child grows.

There are a number of measures that the parliamentary group wants to see adopted following the release of the report. One of these is the suggestion that local authorities have their own strategies for dealing with these 1,001 days.

The report draws some conclusions that should be taken into account by authorities and groups that deal with young and vulnerable children. By giving parents the right support during this early learning period, we can save the time and resources that would be required to deal with issues further down the line.

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