Instilling healthy eating habits into children

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Instilling healthy eating habits into children

Encouraging a fussy child to eat a varied and healthy diet can be difficult. If your child is reluctant to try new foods, there are some techniques you can use to try to increase the number of things he or she will eat. This can even motivate the whole family to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Involve children

If they understand what has gone into a meal and help prepare it, children might be more likely to taste it. You could sit down with your children and get them to help you plan meals by looking through recipe books or asking them for ideas of foods they’d like to try.

Give them some control

Meal times can become a battle, so giving your children some influence over what they eat can be beneficial. You could try placing a few choices of food on the table and letting them add these to the meal themselves. For example, you could put out bowls of salad vegetables, cheese, or bread.

Lead by example

If the whole family sits down together and eats the same food, it can encourage a fussy toddler to try something he or she wouldn’t normally eat. You can make this into a social occasion where you all meet up at the end of the day.

Role play

Have a go at playing toddler games that are based on food to show them what a balanced meal consists of. This could involve making you something from their play food or choosing a food-themed card or board game.

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