Understanding toddler tantrums

Child tantrum

Understanding toddler tantrums

When there’s a toddler in the house, it might seem like they’re always having a tantrum about something, which can make life incredibly difficult. A better understanding of why your toddler is throwing a tantrum might help you to control his or her behaviour and support the development process.

Toddlers can appear to throw endless tantrums about absolutely nothing. Even the colour of their dinner or the choice of clothes can be a source of anxiety. If you’re one of these stressed parents who has to deal with a stroppy toddler on a daily basis, you might sometimes find it easier to just give in to calm the situation. However, this is not always the best approach. Trying to defuse an issue before it builds up to a tantrum often works better.

Why do toddlers have tantrums?

Toddlers can have extremely emotional outbursts over trivial matters as they’re learning how to react to a range of social situations. They can become frustrated, and the easiest way to express this is through a tantrum.

Parental support

You can work on reducing the amount of tantrums by helping your toddler make sense of his or her feelings. This can be achieved by talking about the feelings a character in a book might have. You could also play toddler games with their dolls or toys to act out different situations. This can highlight to your child alternative ways to react and show how someone else might feel if they’re throwing a tantrum.

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