New evidence points to the benefits of educational apps

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New evidence points to the benefits of educational apps

Technology has become a large part of children’s lives, and this often revolves around the apps they use on smartphones and tablets. If you’ve questioned the benefits of these educational games, you might be swayed by new research suggesting that children are actually learning from them.

A study carried out by a team at New York University looked at the impact of a phonics and reading app on children’s literacy skills. It studied the effect on a group of disadvantaged kids aged four and five over a period of six weeks.

The children taking part in the study played a specific educational game on the iPads that they were provided with for 15 minutes at a time. Whilst playing the game, they used headphones and didn’t receive any educational support from adults.

Improvement in key areas

Following the six-week study, the participants increased their results across 86 per cent of the skills that were being assessed. They showed particular improvements in the fields of phonological awareness, letter sounds, and print knowledge. This group of children also did better on the Test of Preschool Early Literacy after the research study than they did prior to it.

The results of this study show the educational benefits that we are affording our children by letting them play these games on a regular basis. Using the educational games in the right way can provide children with a way of developing the skills that they learn whilst in school.

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