Tomorrow’s toys become smarter


Tomorrow’s toys become smarter

Traditional toys are being given 21st century makeovers in order to compete with digital technology. By providing them with internet connectivity and speech recognition, they will hopefully continue to appeal to today’s children.

The talking Barbie

At last week’s New York Toy Fair, Mattel launched a new version of their popular Barbie doll. The Hello Barbie features speech recognition capabilities and a speaker and microphone within the doll’s necklace, which enables children to have a real conversation with her. The doll will also be able to play games with the child and tell stories. It will be capable of learning from previous use and retaining topics, such as favourite hobbies or foods, to include in future conversations.

The next generation of dinosaurs

A start-up business called Elemental Path is set to launch a new smart dinosaur that will take pre-historic toys to a whole different level. The toy will have the ability to talk to children, and it will also tell jokes to them and provide answers to their questions.

Toy manufacturers now have to keep pace with the demands of children. As an increasing number of kids have their own Android tablets or smartphones, they expect more from the toys they receive. This next generation of toys can enhance the ways that children play, giving them a different scope for their imagination. They will enable them to play in a traditional way and also interact with their toys on a new level.

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