Embrace rather than hide from technology


Embrace rather than hide from technology

There are those who believe that the use of technology by young children should be restricted. Instead, we should all learn to live with technology and embrace the benefits that it offers.

The restrictive view

Following recent laws, children under the age of two in Taiwan are now banned from using digital devices completely. In addition, those under 18 can only use them for a reasonable amount of time. This is one of the most extreme forms of restricting technology we have seen, but there are other countries that are following this approach in an attempt to shelter their children.

However, these rules are based on the premise that technology is only a hindrance to a child’s development. Their view is that everything will be better if these devices are removed from children’s lives. A better approach would be learning to live in harmony with new technology; sheltering children from it is not the answer.

Technology is the future

In fact, we all need to embrace the changes brought about by the digital world. Children can benefit from regularly using Android or Apple devices. They can engage better with those around them. A large part of their education is now based on technology and the internet. Children also need to be prepared for work, and the majority of roles will involve technology in some way.

We all need to understand the potential value of technology and how this is becoming an integral part of life.

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