A child’s first steps towards writing


A child’s first steps towards writing

You might not think that the little marks your pre-school child makes are anything exciting. However, these are actually the first steps towards writing, and they should be actively encouraged. This early learning development stage is extremely important, so you need to provide your child with a range of chances to make marks on a variety of materials and surfaces. Above all, you should show them how much fun it can be and demonstrate how useful being able to write is.

Providing encouragement

Mark-making can be done anywhere and on anything. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and your children can be as creative as they want to be. Try using paints or chalks outside, where your child can make a little bit more mess. Alternate the objects they use to make marks so that they can see the differences in styles; for example, try using brushes, toy cars, leaves, or hands.

Developing their skills

Motor skills are crucial for developing a child’s writing ability. There is a range of activities that can enhance their gross motor skills, including climbing, dancing, and throwing. These initial skills are required to enable them to develop their fine motor skills, which are used for holding pencils, squeezing objects, and building with bricks.

As your children get older, you should show them how useful and fun writing can be. You could make up toddler games that involve mark making and allow them to join in with everyday tasks, such as writing a list for the shops.

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