Online rules for young children

Safer Internet Day 2015

Online rules for young children

The 2015 Safer Internet Day was held this week; the programme is aimed to educate parents and their children about staying safe online. It is crucial for parents to understand how their children are using the internet, especially with the increased use of Android tablets and smartphones. You’re never too young to start learning the basics, so here are some simple rules that primary school children should follow.

  1. ## Be safe. You shouldn’t talk or post about your personal details online. This includes your phone number, home address, or email address.
  1. ## Be careful about meeting people. Don’t arrange to meet someone you don’t know in person without your parents’ knowledge. It is safer to only talk to people you know in real life or have an adult present if you do want to meet up with someone new.
  1. ## Watch what you’re opening. If you have an email address or use a chat system, you might receive messages from unknown sources. If this happens, you should be extremely careful when opening them because they could be messages that aren’t very nice or a virus that might damage your computer.
  1. ## Not everything is true. Not all the information that you find online is correct, and people are not always who they say they are. Before you believe anything you read or someone tells you, you should verify that the details are correct.
  1. ## Talk to an adult. If you’re worried in any way about something that you see or hear online, you should talk to an adult straight away.

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