Simple steps to road safety

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Simple steps to road safety

Teaching young children the basics of road safety is one of most important skills you can impart. Regardless of how much you walk or where you live, your children need to know how to stay safe around traffic.

A complex process

Learning to cross the road involves much more than just stopping, looking, and listening. Being able to cross safely takes around 70 mental elements including assessing the speed of traffic, knowing how far away vehicles are, understanding how long you have to cross, and acting quickly when necessary. Children cannot process these components successfully on their own until they reach the age of seven or eight.

Teaching road safety

It is important not to let children who are younger than eight out by themselves or allow them to cross roads alone. However, even before they reach this age, you should be teaching them how to cross the road together safely and ensuring that they have a grasp of the basic knowledge needed for this task.

  • Keep children on the inside of the pavement at all times.
  • Teach them to stop at the kerb and don’t let them go too far in front of you.
  • Ensure that children understand why cars are on the road and that people use the pavement. This can even be taught in the home by creating toddler games with some of their toy cars and people.
  • Interact with your children when crossing so that they can see how to do so correctly.
  • Show them how to use pedestrian and zebra crossings properly and safely.

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