Is learning sign language worthwhile for most children?


Is learning sign language worthwhile for most children?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of classes and groups that teach sign language to young children. This can bring with it numerous benefits and enable children to communicate at a more advanced level. However, is it worthwhile teaching your children to sign if they do not have any developmental difficulties?

What is Makaton sign language?

Makaton sign language is the most commonly used sign language that has been adopted by those who have special needs and communication problems. The benefits of sign language do not stop at those who require it on a daily basis to understand the world around them. It is now being used by many children who have met their developmental goals, and it is also becoming more widespread in schools and other educational settings. Learning a few simple signs can enable you and your child to bring sign language into your daily life. For example, you can practice saying hello, thank you, or explaining how you are feeling.

Teaching sign language to your child

If you want to understand Makaton and teach it to your child, it would be useful to go to a local class. These provide a fun environment in which to learn, where many of the classes are based around music. The groups are also a good way for you and your child to make friends. When you’re at home, you can then use what you’ve learnt while you’re playing. This could be within role playing activities, when playing preschool games, or just going about your daily lives.

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