Children combine digital technology with traditional activities

Child with book

Children combine digital technology with traditional activities

New research shows that children are more likely to choose traditional pursuits such as reading books over digital and mobile-based activities.

The latest Mintel report looks at children’s media outlets and shows that traditional pastimes are still extremely popular. Even though there is a wide choice of activities available on an Android tablet, iPhone or other electronic device, children’s time is not purely dominated by these options.

Parental decisions

The research questioned the parents of children between seven and 15 years of age about the activities they had participated in with their children over the past three months. The most popular answer was watching television (90 per cent). The second highest response was sitting down to watch a DVD (66 per cent), whilst 54 per cent of parents had played a game. Reading to children was still a common choice with 45 per cent saying they had done so recently.

Children’s choices

When children were asked what they preferred to do when they were by themselves, the majority still said that they would watch television (93 per cent). Reading to themselves was more popular than having a parent read to them (85 per cent), and 79 per cent would watch a DVD. When choosing activities without their parents, more children indicated a preference for digital ones with 70 per cent playing on a games console, using a mobile to play games, or watching videos online.

This research shows that even though digital technology is important to them, children are still taking part in a varied range of activities to broaden their learning opportunities.

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