Fostering your child’s leadership skills


Fostering your child’s leadership skills

There is no reason why any child cannot grow up to become a leader. It doesn’t matter what a child’s temperament or character is like; any child can learn the essential skills of good teamwork and strong leadership. If you want to support your child in this development process, there are a few ways you can make a difference.

Make teamwork part of your life

You can easily introduce elements of teamwork into actives or educational games at home. Whatever you’re dong or playing, you can assign one person to be in charge. It is then the child’s responsibility to organise everyone else and allocate roles to them based on what they are good at.

Set up family meetings

Family meetings might seem like something that only families on television participate in, but they can be extremely helpful. Having these meetings on a regular basis is a good way to give everyone the chance to speak up and get their point of view across. It allows children to develop their knowledge of conflict resolution and shows them how to see another person’s point of view. These are important life skills. After all, it’s not always possible to get your own way, even if you’re the leader, and sometimes it will be necessary to compromise.

Make your child the teacher

Allow your child to teach you about an area he or she is interested in. This could be anything from how to make something from Legos to the rules of an iPhone or tablet game. This will teach them how to explain something new and find ways of generating interest.

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