How to create motivated learners

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How to create motivated learners

Many children are enthusiastic about learning, but others need a bit more motivation and help to attract their attention. If you have a slightly reluctant learner, how can you make your child become more interested in the world around him or her?

Develop their confidence

Children who believe that they can achieve a task will be more inclined to have a go. This doesn’t mean that they have to succeed every time, but they need to have the confidence to attempt something new. Parents can help with this by teaching them to learn more about areas they’re unsure of and develop their skills so they are able to handle more complex activities.

Start with the basics

You shouldn’t attempt to push a child too far until he or she has grasped the basics, such as letter sounds or number recognition. These skills can be taught to young children in a fun way, such as through preschool games or helping with daily activities.

Why is it important?

Children need to understand the value of an area they’re learning about and how this relates to real life. This will give them more encouragement to concentrate because they will be able to see what other areas of their life it will help them with.

Having a choice

It’s crucial to allow children to have a say in what they learn about as much as possible. This will enable them to think about what they want to know and make them more likely to take the information in and retain it.

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