Music to a child’s ear

headphones on a music book

Music to a child’s ear

Taking part in creating music and listening to different pieces can benefit a young child’s development. It’s important to enable them to experiment and be as creative as they want to be so they can start to learn the different types of sounds.

Young children love to do anything creative, and it is a great way to enhance their learning without them realising. You can bring music in to a range of activities at home to improve their listening and language skills whilst having fun. Even just picking up and using an instrument is beneficial for toddlers because it improves their motor skills and increases hand-eye co-ordination.

Creating music

Making your own music at home can be as simple as using toys that have different sounds, whether these are designed as musical instruments or not. You can also pull together some household objects, such as wooden spoons and plastic boxes, to see the different sounds that they make.

Listening to music

It’s just as important for children to listen to recorded pieces of music as it is for them to create their own. Introducing them to a variety of musical types will further enhance their knowledge and enable them to appreciate music on a higher level. You could play your own MP3 player or have the radio on whilst in the house or driving in the car. There are also online sources as well as sites featuring toddler games that incorporate music.

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