New report highlights child tablet usage

YouTube on a tablet device

New report highlights child tablet usage

The latest Childwise Monitor has provided us with a snapshot of the type of media consumed by young people. This yearly analysis of the market highlights the fact that tablet ownership is growing amongst the youngest children and points to the continued popularity of YouTube.

Ownership of tablets

The results of the research showed that the number of younger children who own a tablet has doubled within the past year. A third of those aged between five and seven have a tablet for themselves, including Android and Apple devices. This implies that parents can see the educational side of these devices and tend to prefer them as an option over a games console or laptop. The range of apps that can be downloaded, including educational games and puzzles, means that parents can have more of a say over what they play and view.

Online preferences

This year’s Childwise Monitor also evaluated the sites that children visit when they go online, whether they are using a mobile device or a traditional PC or laptop. It found that children tend to have fixed preferences regarding which sites they use. YouTube is now the most popular site for both genders, indicating that parents are less concerned about the prospect of viewing inappropriate material thanks to stricter parental controls.

The way the next generation of consumers watches and interacts with the media will be remarkably different to that of past generations. They will be more likely to view television on a range of devices, especially those with mobile capabilities.

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