Videos can be an effective learning tool

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Videos can be an effective learning tool

Newly published research has shown that using videos to teach those under two can be an effective method. This is one of the first pieces of scientific research that has been able to isolate the specific impact of videos on a young child’s learning and showcase the potential benefits.

The research, which was published in the Child Development journal, shows that infants who watched videos performed in a similar way to children who learnt from their parents. They were shown to pick up specific pieces of sign language after watching a 15-minute video four times each week over a period of three weeks. In a separate group, parents taught children the same skills within identical time parameters.

Positive influence

When they were tested after the study, both groups reacted similarly when they were questioned on their understanding of the videos. They were also able to choose an image of the object that was being indicated in the sign.

The research was designed to employ a skill that most children wouldn’t otherwise come into much contact with. This enabled the researchers to highlight the specific effects of videos on a child’s learning.

The implications of this study show that if used in the right way, the inclusion of videos, perhaps through Android devices or PCs, can be a beneficial tool for teaching young children. They can help to open up a child’s knowledge of other areas and interact with them on a different level than their parents.

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