Educational developments at BETT

Educational technology

Educational developments at BETT

There were a number of new technologies showcased at the recent BETT learning technology conference. Here are some of the most innovative ideas that can enhance a child’s learning:

The Mystery of Athena

There are a number of educational games available, and this standout has been developed by NVIDIA. It enables students to move an avatar around a landscape, and the character interactions provide opportunities for curriculum-based questions.

Galaxy Tab 4 Education

This is a new tablet from Samsung that has been designed exclusively for schools. It uses Google Play for Education so that schools can access educational games and other content that can be incorporated into their teaching.

Maths in Motion

This concept has been put together by Toshiba and Jaguar. It enables students to use their maths skills in a fun and engaging way. They are challenged to build a racing car using concepts that they’ve learnt in their maths lessons, including algebra and geometry. The idea is part of a global competition that will see the best designs compete against each other.


Initio is a robot designed by TTS that is based on the computing elements within the curriculum. It uses Raspberry Pi and students can program it themselves.


The innovative pen is suitable for use in exams and can be used by students with dyslexia and other difficulties understanding the questions. The pen scans the text and then puts it onto a screen or reads it back to the pupil.

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