Income levels don’t impact on parental involvement

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Income levels don’t impact on parental involvement

New research has discarded the notion that parents earning lower incomes or those who come from less educated backgrounds will not be as supportive of a child’s education and development. The study looked at a parental involvement in a range of child-based activities, including reading, homework help, and playing sports or games.

The research was carried out by teams from Cardiff University and Bristol University. The results showed that a parent’s background had little or no impact on their support for homework, the amount of educational games they played, or how often they read to their child.

Majority of parents involved

More than half of those questioned had played games or read with their child four or more times in the last week. When the researchers looked at the numbers of people who had eaten as a family or helped their child do homework, the proportions went along similar lines. 28 per cent of parents in the study had actively participated in some form of sport alongside their child in the last week. The findings were not significantly different for poorer and wealthier families across those who had read, assisted with homework, or played games and sports.

This study highlights that a parent’s involvement in their child’s learning and the educational activities they participate in has little to do with their own education or income level. Across the survey, the majority of parents adopted good practices when it came to raising their children and participated in a range of relevant activities.

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