Help with the coding revolution

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Help with the coding revolution

One of the biggest changes to the National Curriculum is the recent addition of coding. A new survey shows that many parents don’t understand coding and do not feel confident helping their children with it. However, it is an exciting development for pupils and is a topic that many of them want to learn more about.

As part of their new Code Playground initiative, Barclays carried out a survey of parents and children to gauge experiences with coding. 25 per cent of pupils who took part said it was now their best subject. However, the same cannot be said for parents. The report found that around one third of them don’t think they can support homework in this area and 40 per cent would dread a child asking them for help with it.

How can you help your child with coding?

This is actually a great opportunity for you to learn a new skill whilst providing support for your child at school. You can expand your knowledge of this area and have fun with your children by helping them to create their own educational games.

If you’re completely new to coding and programming, plenty of advice and support can be found online. These websites and Android apps have been designed to help parents and children learn the basics of coding and offer inspiration into the types of games and puzzles you could create. There is also a handy guide published by The British Computer Society that explains the changes to the curriculum and lists helpful resources.

Taking the time to learn with your child can make the experience more fun and informative for both of you.

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