Know what to do if your child chokes

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Know what to do if your child chokes

One of many parents’ greatest fears is finding their young child choking, especially as they start to progress onto solid foods and begin exploring their environment. Figures released by St John Ambulance show that the vast majority of parents would not know what to do if this occurred. In order to support these parents, the organisation has released a new video that demonstrates the correct techniques.

The research published by St John Ambulance highlights that 79 per cent of those with children wouldn’t know how to correctly stop their baby from choking. However, 58 per cent of those surveyed placed it as one of their biggest fears, and 40 per cent of them believed that it was a crucial skill to have as a parent. It is an incident that most parents hope they will never have to face, but it is important to note that 40 per cent of people who took part in the research had witnessed a choking incident.

Watch and learn

Most parents have heard about the right techniques, but they still don’t really know what to do. The organisation believes that everyone can benefit from learning the right process, and that this is something that could potentially save a life. They have released a new online video, The Chokeables, which can be viewed on a number of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and Android tablets. Even with hectic modern lives, all parents should take just 40 seconds to view the video and learn what could turn out to be a life-saving technique.

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