Fun children’s activities on a budget

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Fun children’s activities on a budget

At the start of the year, many of us are still feeling the financial headache of Christmas. This means there might not be much spare income for special treats or activities, and children don’t always appreciate this. However, there are many ways that you can have fun with your children without spending a lot of money. In fact, they probably won’t even realise you’re trying to stick to a budget!

Getting out

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean staying in the house. You can still take your children out for some fresh air. A trip to the park or a walk in the woods provides plenty of opportunities for fun and can also build on their learning. Before you leave the house, make up a nature bingo game to provide a focus for the trip. Alternatively, you could see how many different types of wildlife or flowers you can spot while you’re out.

Staying in

On days when the weather is bad or you’d simply prefer to stay indoors, you can create your own fun without having to spend any extra money. Children often have lots of toys and games that they don’t get out very often, so it can be like bringing out something new. Gather all their toddler games together and have a games afternoon, or use craft items and have an arts session together. Think ahead and you can save some old boxes and then build houses or a street for your child’s toys.

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