Encouraging healthy sleeping patterns improves educational performance

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Encouraging healthy sleeping patterns improves educational performance

Most parents try to instil the virtues of getting a good night’s sleep into their children. This isn’t always welcomed by kids, but the latest research shows that it does actually improve their performance at school in certain subjects.

The research study was carried out at McGill University in Montreal. Researchers looked at the sleep patterns of 75 primary school aged children. As part of the study, they examined the levels of sleep efficiency that were achieved. This figure took into account how much sleep a child was getting and compared it with how long they were in bed. The results highlighted that those participants who achieved a higher level of sleep efficiency did better in languages and maths.

Impact on areas of learning

In the past, studies have examined how well children did at school in general in relation to how long they slept. However, this study took a different approach; it wanted to see their performance in particular subjects. There was a distinct improvement in attainment levels in areas such as languages and maths. The abilities to plan, multi-task, and pay attention are affected by sleep patterns; these are skills that are used more in these particular subjects. Therefore, the study highlights just how important sleep is to a child’s learning and development.

The outcomes of this research show how vital it is to address sleep problems and the role they play in a child’s achievements in the early learning and primary years.

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