Reading for fun important as children get older


Reading for fun important as children get older

A report released by Scholastic has highlighted the importance of reading to children, even when they are over the age of six. Many parents introduce books to young children and read to them on a daily basis. However, as a child’s learning develops, this element of reading aloud is reduced, which can adversely affect a child’s enjoyment of books.

The Kids & Family Reading Report found that for 54 per cent of children under five have parents who read aloud to them at least five times a week. This figure drops to 34 per cent for those aged six to eight, and it falls to just 17 per cent for children aged between nine and 11.

Becoming frequent readers

One of the main benefits of introducing books at an early age is that it encourages children to read more frequently for fun as they get older. This is an important mentality to develop because reading purely for fun, whether physical books or on e-readers and Android devices, can benefit children in a number of ways.

The report highlights how parents can help children become frequent readers. This includes how enjoyable they find reading as well as the amount of time their parents read at home and the importance that is placed on this activity. Those over six are more likely to read for fun if their parents still read aloud to them.

Encouraging your children to read more and giving them the time and space to do so will enable them to gain enjoyment from the activity and enhance their knowledge.

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