Personalised approach to learning could benefit children

Classroom computers

Personalised approach to learning could benefit children

Technology is providing a boost to children’s learning by enabling teachers to provide more personalised support. The use of new technology in the classroom allows children to learn at their own speed and concentrate on areas where they need extra support.

Early research into this area of education shows that children will achieve more when they can set personal targets and move through tasks at the right pace. Even very young children are growing up alongside technology. At home they might play educational games, but a substantial benefit can be gained from utilising online software in the classroom.

Automated teaching

A number of schools in the US have now adopted a personalised learning approach through a cloud-based system. This automates a number of activities that teachers would normally have carried out. However, rather than just taking over from a physical teacher, it provides them with more time to focus on group-based activities or to offer individual support where required.

Students who are using this system work through an online platform that keeps track of their goals and motivates them. The system tailors activities to a child’s performance and provides feedback directly to the teacher.

Research from the RAND Corporation think tank has shown that schools using these methods have seen a higher than average rise in reading and maths attainment levels. This evidence highlights the fact that personalised learning through technology benefits students by enabling them to work at their own speed and set independent targets.

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