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The apps that people use are constantly evolving, and this is especially true of apps aimed at the younger generation. Apps can provide a way of harnessing the attention of young technology users, and many of them also have educational benefits. As we start 2015, let’s take a look at some of the hottest expected trends in children’s apps for the year.

The evolution of storytelling

There are a number of apps for Android and Apple devices that simply tell stories to children. Some of the latest apps are aiming to take this a step further by involving the child more in the storytelling process. They achieve this using interactive elements and animation alongside traditional text to create a different form that will appeal to children.

In-app purchases

A substantial amount of media attention has been given to children running up large bills by clicking on in-app purchases without their parents’ permission. This has led many parents to become concerned about apps that use these systems. Throughout 2015, we will see the launch of children’s apps, such as educational games, that take a more responsible line towards in-app purchases. They will enable parents to choose what they buy and prevent children from purchasing items unwittingly.

Helping with coding skills

To coincide with the addition of programing to the national curriculum, more apps will be launched that help to promote these skills. This is a new area for many children, with even those as young as five being expected to learn the initial concepts of programming. This could become an exciting area within the apps market.

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