Top child development research in 2014

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Top child development research in 2014

Science can help us understand our children’s development process and see where we can assist their learning. Last year saw a vast number of research studies released that looked into children’s development. Here are a few of the top findings.

Napping has benefits

A team from the University of Florence showed that allowing young children to have an afternoon nap boosts their memory. Resting for a short period after lunch can help them remember new elements they’ve learnt through playing preschool games and interacting socially.

Communicating with babies is important

We often think that we don’t need to interact with babies as much as slightly older children. However, a team of researchers from the University of Iowa released the results of a long-term programme that highlighted the benefits of communicating with babies. It showed that by interacting with very young children even when they’re still only making sounds, you can actually improve their communication skills.

Providing a positive attitude helps

The attitudes displayed by parents can go a long way toward influencing the future direction of their children. A study carried out by King’s College London looked at the beliefs of pregnant women and found that those who portrayed a can-do philosophy had children who were more successful academically and emotionally. This long-term study maintained contact with the participants to see how their children developed over a number of years and correlated this back to their parent’s initial responses.

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