Developing a child’s love of numbers


Developing a child’s love of numbers

Maths skills are a crucial part of a child’s development. By encouraging your children to enhance their knowledge at an early age, you can help them to see the fun side of maths and start to understand how useful these skills can be.

Watching your child learn and tackle more complex tasks is inspirational. Children have a real sense of achievement when they take a step forward, such as learning to count to five. Even when they’re very young, children will realise when they’ve learnt something new and become used to pushing themselves further so that they can achieve more.

Make it fun

One of the easiest and best ways to help children learn is to make it fun so that they don’t realise you’re trying to teach them something. Learning through play provides them with numerous benefits and enables you to interact with them on their own level.

There are a number of preschool games that you can use to teach them new maths skills. You can come up with your own versions using household items, such as counting items for cooking or things you buy whilst out shopping. There is also plenty of inspiration online and with educational apps.

If you have a toddler, games are an excellent way to encourage numeracy skills, and you can also introduce an element of creativity. One example is to make sock puppets with different numbers on them. You can then create games where your child has to tell you which number puppet you are using.

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