Supporting your child through the online world


Supporting your child through the online world

There are many ways in which modern technology can support a child’s learning. We now have a wealth of services available online and via games and apps that are beneficial to key stages of your child’s development. The way in which you help your children interact with these services and games can go a long way toward increasing the benefits they gain from technology.

Guiding your children

It is important to be there to offer guidance and support to your children as they use online applications. One thing you can do is interact with them as they are using these educational games. For example, you could ask them what they’re doing, praise them when they do well, and support them when they require help.

Bringing technology to life

There are many ways you can extend their learning away from the technology and into the rest of their world. You can take ideas from the games they’ve played online and bring these concepts into everyday tasks. For example, they can sort clothes into different colours or count money to improve their maths skills.

Showing kids new applications

Technology is now all around us, and it’s an important element of life for everyone regardless of age. As your children develop skills, you need to show them useful applications for the technology they use. They can help with tasks or research you’re doing online, such as the weekly shopping, planning a family holiday, or finding directions for a day out. This will enable them to understand how useful the internet can be and show them that it offers much more than just entertainment.

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